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Do you want to add a few extra yards and improve your consistency at the same time? You need to focus on maintaining perfect balance in your swing. 


As a golf coach, the biggest reason why I see so many amateur golfers struggling with their game is not swing plane or clubface alignment, it is simply the follow through, or more precisely the lack of it. 


For many golfers, the follow through is an after-thought, something that can´t possibly influence the outcome of a shot. Well, if this was so why do all professional golfers complete their swing and almost pose, admiring the shot that they have just hit?


Because the follow through is an integral part of the golf swing. 


Let me explain; The follow through is the snitch of your swing it can tell me many things about what you are doing before reaching this point and the reason that you can gain a few extra yards and improve consistency is that ultimately the follow through provides balance throughout your swing. 


Balance = Consistency 


If some areas of your swing are not “correct” you will still be able to develop a consistent ball flight, a ball flight that you can manage around the golf course and build your entire game around. Being able to “know” where your ball will go allows you to make plans, to create strategies and reduce your scores with your golf swing. 


Balance is one of the three key factors to producing consistent shots and without it, you are going to fail. 


A balanced follow through should be held for a few seconds, I like to get my students to try and stay solid in the follow through until the ball lands, good or bad shot. With this, though process they are going to focus on an objective, regardless of the type of shot they hit, a major stumbling block for improvement. 


So how can improving your follow through increase your distance? Simple you will be hitting the ball more solidly with the center of the club, rather than the ball just hitting the club somewhere on the face. This improvement of impact position on the face of the club will add yards. 


Couple this with the fact that you will be able to deliver more of the stored energy from your backswing coil to the golf ball and you will see extra yards in no time. 


It is shocking how much energy you use trying not to fall flat on your face, so it is obvious that you will be more efficient if you can remain in balance. 


A great drill for improving balance is to stand on your feet, and if possible knees together, from here make a smooth rotation back, until you can´t go any further (almost like a half swing) and then swing through to a balanced finish. When you get proficient at this drill you will notice that the ball travels almost as far as with a complete swing. And this is all to do with balance. 


Your swing plane, club face alignment, attack angle, and swing can all be perfect but without balance, you will not hit consistent golf shots. 


Improve balance to improve your golf.

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