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Our Story

The Journey

Have you noticed that all golf bags look the same? This is what Uther has set out to fix. After working in the golf industry for many years, we noticed that there is no way to truly differentiate or customize golf bags. As every type of golf gear continued to advance, golf towels were stuck in the past. 

Cue Uther

Uther gave these outdated golf towels a much-needed upgrade with our launch in 2016, by creating the first fashionable and highly functional golf towel line. With many unique design options available, every golfer can find a towel that fits their golf bag as if it were custom made. 

Our Product

Uther is the creator of the first fashionable golf towel. These premium microfiber golf towels feature unique sublimated prints and designs that make a fun accessory for both men and women golf bags. Use the microfiber towel to clean and dry your clubs, golf balls, or hands!

Uther: Where we're at now

Uther is recognized by top publications, supplies over 1000 retail stores, and is the industry standard for high quality and fashionable golf towels.   

The Name

Uther (pronounced other) represents the brand's core belief to be unique. Uther leads, other's follow.