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Need to fix your slice?
Slicing is constant problem golfers face at one time or another, and there have been thousands of articles written on how to stop slicing the ball.
This is going to be different, this article is going to create new habits that will rid your game of the plague that has been eating away at your confidence.
If you want to stop slicing then you need to do 3 things:
1 – Stop aiming left to try and "allow" for the slice
Aiming left (right-handed golfers) will increase the amount of slice you apply to the golf ball.
2 – Transfer your weight correctly
Poor weight transfer can dramatically increase your chances of slicing the ball.
3 – Square the clubface at impact
The only way you can slice a ball is to hit it with an open clubface.
I outline the above three factors as the fixes to slicing the ball, as most golfers do not have the time or desire to spend hours a day on the practice ground rebuilding their swing to avoid hitting a slice.
Working on one, or all of the above can dramatically improve your game and reduce your slice efficiently.
A correct posture and alignment will help you to deliver the clubface back to the ball square. If you are all twisted and crooked at address, the chances of making a solid contact with the ball are limited.
Learning to align your body parallel to your intended target line will help eradicate the slice from your game.
Weight transfer is one of the keys to impacting the ball correctly, it is vital that you move the weight through towards the target as you swing through to your finish.
All too often amateur golfers finish with their weight remaining in the non-target leg which causes the club to move across the intended target line, with an open clubface. Put those two things together and you have a shot that goes out to the right. (Not necessarily always a slice!!)
Finally, you must learn to square the clubface at impact.
If your clubface is not aiming down the intending target line, then the ball is unlikely to reach its destination.
To square the clubface, you need to understand how the rotation of the hands correlates to the clubface. Start by making slow motion backswings and as you reach the point of impact (a line on the floor is great as a visual aid) check to see whether you have returned the club face back to impact square. Closed and you have over-rotated your wrists, open and you aren´t rotating enough.

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