October 01, 2019 1 min read

When washing your microfiber Uther golf towels, it's important to follow the instructions to ensure a satisfactory clean. Correctly washing the microfiber towels will keep them fresh and reduce the risk of being damaged in the process. By following these guidelines your towel will stay clean for longer! 

Uther Microfiber Towel Guidelines:

1. Do not use bleach. 

2. Machine wash with cold water. 

3. Tumble dry low. 

4. Do not iron.

5. Use only mild detergent. 

6. Do not use fabric softeners.

7. Do not use dryer sheets.

Step by Step Guide to Washing Microfiber Golf Towels:

Step 1: You can wash your microfiber towel by using your hands or through a washing machine. It is imperative that the washer is set to a cold setting to reduce the risk of damaging the product.

Step 2:  Make sure to use a microfiber or mild detergent when cleaning your towels. By using the proper cleaner, the towels are preserved for longer. 

Step 3:  Rinse your towels properly. If you have a washing machine equipped with an extra rinse cycle, that is very beneficial for your towel. However, if you would rather wash by hand, make sure to rinse the towels at least two times using clean water. By rinsing properly, you are ensuring that any traces of dirt and cleaner used will be removed from the fibers within the cloth.

Step 4: When drying yourmicrofiber towels, make sure they are hanged and air-dried. It is possible to also tumble dry the towel on the lowest setting. 

Step 5: Finished! Now you can enjoy your clean towel :) 


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