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Much like golf equipment, the fashion and style of players on the golf course has changed over the years. However, there are still rules in place, which govern what you can wear, when playing a round of golf.  

Depending on the golf course, some have strict rules, others are less formal but it pays to have the basic attire in place, ready to wear.  This includes golf shoes, chinos and a shirt with a collar.  If you arrive at the majority of golf clubs, in this attire, you should be pretty safe.

That’s not to say there is no room for originality on the golf course.  There are some great options when it comes to buying golf clothing and it’s possible to look very stylish, by following a simple set of fashion rules.

Prints are becoming more popular on the PGA and European Tour and they can be a great golf look, both in terms of a shirt and trousers.  However, do not get carried away, while a nice paisley or subtle jacquard print looks great, do not overdo it and stick to one of either the shirt or the trouser. Bright colors are also becoming popular on tour, pinks, greens, and bright blues are being used, in contrast with grey and other darker colors.

A common fashion tip is to match your belt with your shoes but when it comes to looking stylish on the course, it’s better to match your belt with your shirt.  This will help to tie in the whole look, rather than having a ‘blocky’ look to your outfit.

In the cold weather, it can be difficult to remain stylish on the golf course but a puffy jacket or vest will come to the rescue.  We recommend quilted jackets that are padded but made from thin, insulated materials, allowing for a full range of motion, while remaining warm and looking good in the process.

If choosing to wear shorts, a light pattern is fine but you cannot go wrong with a pair of khaki shorts.  These will look good with almost any polo shirt and it’s amazing how much use you will get out of them.  The short should finish just above the knee and there should be a minimal sock on show, with ankle socks finishing ever so slightly, above the shoe.

Finally, we come to hats.  Baseball hats and visors are acceptable but keep the slogans away from the course.  Straw hats can also look good but always opt for a narrow brim unless you want to earn the nickname ‘Indiana Jones’ at your local golf club.

These golf style tips will ensure you are always looking great when stepping onto the first tee.

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